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Fan pump features:
Fan cooling system is a very important part of excavator, which usually includes engine cooling system, hydraulic cooling system and engine intake cooling system. The success or failure of fan system design determines whether the thermal balance and noise of the whole excavator can pass the relevant standards. The traditional hydraulic fan system of excavator adopts relief valve to adjust the pressure to realize the adjustable speed of the fan. The overflow flow of this system has a large energy loss at low temperature, which is not conducive to the energy saving and environmental protection of the hydraulic fan system. This paper introduces a hydraulic fan system with volume speed regulation. The system uses the variable pump as the power source, and uses the sensor to detect the hydraulic oil temperature, engine cooling water temperature and environmental temperature. After the comprehensive logic judgment of the controller, it outputs the corresponding current signal to the electric proportional relief valve, and the variable pressure of the electric proportional relief valve is transmitted to the variable pump through the pipeline, Change the displacement of the pump to realize the controllability of the fan speed.
Center rotation characteristics
The connection mode of the loop rotary joint can be selected according to the working conditions, and the transmission medium entrance can freely select the side or back entrance according to the working conditions. The sealing surface and ring are made of special materials, which are wear-resistant, long service life, corrosion-resistant and non leakage.
There are two precision bearings in the rotary joint, which are stable, durable, firm and flexible, with small friction coefficient, so it can run at high speed.
The wear condition of the internal seal can be known by the visual inspection of the product appearance, which can prevent the mechanical shutdown or mechanical damage, so as to achieve the preventive effect and reduce the loss. It is easy to replace and repair the worn seals without purchasing new products, which saves the cost.
Single circuit series rotary joint: meet the needs of various industries at home and abroad, including water, steam, oil, air, vacuum cutting fluid, toluene and other chemical solvents.

Walking motor features: hydraulic motor according to its rated speed is divided into high speed and low speed hydraulic motor. The structure of the high-speed hydraulic motor is swash plate axial piston type. This kind of hydraulic motor has high volumetric efficiency, which is more than 95%, and the output efficiency of the motor is high; And the motor has a dual variable function, adapt to the construction machinery in different conditions in the construction project output different torque, improve the work efficiency.

Rotary motor features: a hydraulic motor has a fixed cylindrical shell supporting a rotor with an output shaft which can rotate and extend coaxially in the shell. The rotor comprises a piston chamber and a reciprocating piston in the piston chamber. A piston rod of each piston is connected to a crankshaft connected to the rotor to rotate with it. The housing has inlet and outlet ports communicated with the piston chamber during rotation of the rotor to receive pressurized fluid through the inlet port and discharge the pressurized fluid from the outlet port. The transmission system synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and the output shaft, and the gear tooth ratio of the ring gear and the pinion on the crankshaft is preferably twice the number of pistons in each rotor unit.

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